Mixed voice and data on TE410P

I’m trying to set up a TE410P to have one of the spans configured to have 29 voice channels and 1 dialup data channel.

I’ve built a new kernel to have Wan interface support and have rebuilt DAHDI with CONFIG_DAHDI_NET defined
I’ve configured DAHDI system.conf with nethdlc=1:hdlc0.
I’ve used sethdlc to configure hdlco as ppp.
hdlc0 is listed when I use ifconfig.

This is where I don’t know how to proceed.
Can anyone tell me if what I am try to achieve is possible and tell me how to proceed?


The dialup data channel is an ISDN channel, not a channel for carriage of analog modem traffic.

The application you’ll use on the Asterisk side is:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … n_DAHDIRAS

Note that it’s used by almost no one, so it’s very likely to work poorly or not at all.

The best article about its use is here: