Mitel 400 client - 401 Unauthorized - Failed to authenticate


I am in the progress of updating our asterisk 13.18.2 instance to 13.21-cert2.
This instance is inter-connecting several Mitel 400 PBXs.

Using Mitel 400 version 5.0 Hotfix 1 everything works well, with Hotfix 2 and 3 it always fails to authenticate when calling (register is fine). [EDIT: This is also a known-problem on 13.18.2 but I thought this might be a problem with PJSIP]

This asterisk instance is using PJSIP as channel driver. Is it possible to debug why the authentification failed?
Currently the error only shows “Failed to authenticate”. Wireshark/Tcpdump also only shows the 401 response.

Mitels support is incapable of processing bug reports to the devs. I would like to debug this error, as I am sure this is a problem on Mitels side, not asterisks or PJSIPs.

Only from the Mitel side.

I need to debug why asterisk rejects auth. After I know what is wrong, I can blame Mitel.

401 is not a failure to authtenticate. It is a request to authenticated with details of the method to use and any cryptographic nonce.

If the peer is sending 401 and Asterisk is not responding, it is either because the 401 is being ignored as out of dialog (call id and tags don’t match any known call) or Asterisk has no authentication data configured for that peer.

The peer sends a new INVITE with digest information.

In the meantime we were able to test Kamailio against Mitel 400 and the issue is the same.
This successfully confirms that two idependent servers are unable to setup calls for the Mitel.

Thanks for the reply, we will now open another case at Mitel.