Missing RTP Activity

I have a problem when Asterisk is not sending the RTP traffic to the device. I do a simple call between 2 Devices - session is established successfully, IP Address in the SDP body for both INVITE and 200 OK are OK - and I can see the RTP traffic hitting Asterisk Server - but can’t see it in the asterisk console when I’m enabling rtp debug: “rtp set debug on”. By placing that call on-hold I can see the RTP debug messages in the console, just wonder that means that Asterisk is not getting that RTP traffic at all? Why is happening that? Firewall is completely disabled on the server.

OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04.03
Asterisk: 16.20.0

The issue was in a wrong pjsip transport configuration. UDP protocol was bind-ed to a wrong interface.

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