Missing res_srtp.so

does this mean l have to install the libsrtp, then uninstall and reinstall asterisk as the tutorial indicated? Because l find the reason l am getting 488 from asterisk is due to the fact that asterisk seems to not having this module.

Please don’t keep starting new threads! The current thread doesn’t identify which tutorial you used.

I can’t see any procedures for installing or uninstalling Asterisk in the above.

I haven’t built Asterisk for a long time, but just adding a missing modules wouldn’t have required a de-install.

Assuming the process hasn’t significantly changed, I’d expect you would need to start from ./configure, after making sure all dependencies reported as missing by “make menuconfig” had been resolved. You don’t need to run make samples.

That is correct, that process should work.

that tutorial says “on your Asterisk CLI. If you do see that, install libsrtp (and the development headers), and then reinstall Asterisk (./configure; make; make install).”. lt is from part 2.
So, l just have to install libstrp, then run “./configure”? l don’t need to run “make” ?

You have to run make, otherwise the the module won’t be compiled. You need to run make install, to actually put the compiled module in the right place. You may also need to run make menuconfig, as I imagine that it will have remembered that res_srtp wasn’t buildable, and you may have to re-enable it…

./configure only sets up configuration files for the build process; it doesn’t compile any of the actual code.

l see this in the output of “./configure”
l suppose it means libsrtp will be included when l compile?

l think that library got installed correctly, but the call has no sound. lt is log from pjsip. Any idea why?

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