MGCP with Asterisk

HI, I once opened a thread about Asterisk running as a MGCP-Call Agent.

Now i set up a system using an cisco 1760 media gateway and asterisk as its CA. Making calls from the gateway to other users is no problem. But im not able to create a connection to one of the gateways endpoints.

When I try to make such a call Asterisk always sends the following CRCX - Command to the gateway:

As you can see the connection mode is “recvonly”.

The next Command is a RQNT including the Caller-Identification and the ringtone. The gateway here uses the response-code 400 (endpoint is in a transient stat) and the connection gets deleted.

So everything works fine until the CRCX-Command is sent. I think that the connection mode should be “sendrecv”.

Does anyone have an idea how to configure Asterisk changing the connection mode? Or are there other possibilities why this error occurs?

Thank you, stewdi

I just found out what was wrong. It was a setting in the gateway. But I cant even make real calls. When I try to call an endpoint of the gateway from a SIP-phone for example, the signaling is not all correct:

The marked package is the first CRCX-command, that is sent to the gateway. The next package is the RQNT, which includes the ringtone-event. The gateway acknowledges the RQNT and the telephone starts to ring. But the gateway does not acknowledge the CRCX. So Asterisk sends the same CRCX again. Then the gateway replies 502 Active connection exists and the connection is aborted.
When I hook off the phone before the second CRCX is sent, i have a short RTP-stream until the next CRCX reaches the gateway.

Now I want to know, whether it is possible to stop Asterisk resending a non-acknowledged command?