MGCP-Client cannot register on my Asterisk-Server


I Have a LAN with 2 computers without internet-access.

  • Asterisk-Server (1.0.9) with IP-Address
  • Win-XP with the Softphone eyeP Phone Desktop (MGCP-Client) with IP-Address

And now I have the following problem:
My MGCP-Softphone cannot register on the Asterisk-Server.
I dont know, why not:

  • some Parameters in mgcp.conf are wrong ???
  • some Parameters in extensions.conf are wrong ???
  • some Parameters in the Softphone eyeP Phone Desktop are wrong ???
  • I need a third computer, which works as a Gateway ???
  • I need a special paket for asterisk ???

Here the relevant (I think so) Parameters in the Softphone:

  • Gateway-Name: (or IP from Asterisk ???)
  • Gateway-Endpointname: aaln/1 (or d001 ???)
  • Signalling-Port: Default (2427)
  • Call Agent:
    (Iā€™m not sure, I have to add a special port :2427 or :2727 behind the IP-Address.)

Here are my lines in the mgcp.conf:
callerid=ā€œ439ā€ <439>
line => aaln/1 (or d001 ???)

And here are the one special line in the extensions.conf:
exten => 439,1,Dial(MGCP/aaln/1@

Please, please, can you find out my error ???
I have read the mgcp.conf-documentation and I have asked
the eyeP Media-Support, but without success at the moment.

Thank you very much for your help!!!

Best regards,