Message Warning

Asterisk 13.29.2

here is the error message that shows me under the asterisk console I don’t know what to do to remove it.

WARNING[13854][C-00000010]: file.c:259 ast_writestream: Translated frame write failed
WARNING[13854][C-00000010]: channel.c:4335 __ast_read: Failed to write data to channel monitor read stream

Thank you in advance for your precious help.

What is going wrong in the real world? It is only worth trying to find the precise meanings of warnings if call quality is actually being affected.

it affects the calls because it does not stop signaling this message on the CLI console in addition in raffel

I don’t understand “raffel”. Reporting the message on the CLI does not impact on the calls.

messages affects calls because it bug and messages does not stop

Edit logger.conf and remove the warning category from the console.

ok i will try but tell me what do you know the meaning of this message

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