Message send application

I used to send a message from one sip endpoint to another using messagesend application.

I fill the body then:

Now i am trying to send this message to an endpoint on asterisk server 2 from asterisk server 1. Using pjsip trunk called asterisk2.

I tried this but did not work it said there is no such endpoint.


I know it is something related to the format of the parameter in the messagesend application.

But still could not figure out how to do it.

Hello friend, i have seen your post and i though you had a similar problem.

But in my scenario there is no URI since m not using a dns server.

So would it work if i did this:
Endpoint: 4000
Sip trunk to 2nd asterisk: asterisk2


Thanks in advance
Best regards

SIP requires a URI. Not using a domain name doesn’t stop your having a URI; it just means you have to use a literal IP address in the URI.

Note, if you are not using a domain name, it would be advisable to make sure that you will get an authoritative not found answer, not a timeout, for a reverse lookup on the IP address.

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What i was really trying to say is that there is no the .com thing

So would this work? Or i should add the ip or what?

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