Message Hangup Message

Dear friends, I have the following situation:

The scenario involves 3 parts, a media Gateway, a proxy running kamilio and asterisk.

Call direction:


The Proxy only makes a draw to inform which asterisk the RTP will be sent to, which is beside the point, this part doesn’t matter.

The problem is that according to the printout, kamailio sends 503 Simultaneous Calls Limit Reached and I can’t get this message from Asterisk. Can I somehow get this message and keep sending it back?

Note that when it hits asterisk, it becomes 503 “Service Unavai”.

They are the same. Only the numeric part has any defined meaning.

Also, as Asterisk is a back to back user agent, the default behaviour is actually to change 503 into an ISDN code and then change that back into a SIP code. Explicit dialplan has some ability to override that but not in terms of changing the human readable, informative part of the message.

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