Memory issues after asterisk 15.7.2 update over the weekend

I upgraded a couple FreePBX systems over the weekend from Asterisk 15.5.0 to 15.7.2 and had memory problems this morning.

I reverted them to 15.5.0 (one via VM revert, the other via yum downgrade) and rebooted. No issues since.

I have screenshots over in my post on the FreePBX community.

The memory excess seems to be in mysqld, rather than Asterisk.

bzzt, wrong answer.

MySQL might be using the most of any single process. that has nothing to do with a memory leak of some kind that causes EVERYTHING to fill up.

MySQL was not updated. FreePBX modules were not updated. A yum update was ran. and Asterisk 15 was upgraded form 15.5.0 to 15.7.2. Asterisk was then reverted with yum downgrade and the system was rebooted and the problem never returned.

The asterisk memory usage is similar in all the cases, so there is no evidence that has been presented that Asterisk is leaking.

Asterisk 15 no longer receives bug fixes.