MeetMe Media stream

Hey all.

This is more of an information question than an issue.
I have just configured a very simple meet me application for my home Asterisk server.
The conference works well and I can get three users in the conference.

I was wondering how exactly meetme works.
I understand that each client dials into the meetme extension and then is put in a conference room.
How are the voices carried to each member of the conference?
If client 1 speaks… it sends the RTP packets to the server. Does the server just forward those packets to all other people in the conference or is it more complicated than that?

Thanks in advance

It passes them to dahdi that adds them together (and probably scales them back so the result doesn’t overflow). Once it gets the result back from dahdi, it sends them out to all the parties. It probably actually creates one sum for each party, excluding that party’s audio.