Meetme doesn't receive dtmf on pseudo channel

Hi all,

I’m working in asterisk-1.4.28-xelatec. When I use Meetme application through a pseudo channel, the channel doesn’t receive DTMF tones. I’ve enabled debug option on the pseudo channel but it shows nothing when I enter DTMF.
Although it works well for Dial application, but for Meetme and ChanSpy application it doesn’t.

I want to know if it’s technically possible to enter DTMF tones through a pseudo channel which is not attached to a bridge? (Since one of the differences between Dial and Meetme applications is that despite of Meetme application, Dial will create a bridge to connect to the other channel)

If yes, how can I understand what is the problem?



Maybe the Xelatec people have some suggestions?

Maybe this is them: