Meetme AGI script channel hangup


I am using Asterisk 1.8 and I would like to execut an AGI script when one peer is connected in a meetme. So I am setting the variable MEETME_AGI_BACKGROUND in the dialplan with the script that I want to execute. This is what I have in the dialplan:

exten => 22,1,Set(
exten => 22,n,Meetme(01,qb)

And my script does just a silly thing as reproduce one audio file:

echo 'STREAM FILE campana 123'
sleep 3

exit 0

I see in the CLI how my peer joins the meetme and reproduces the audio. However, after the script ends, the channel hangs up. Is this the normal behaviour? Is it possible to keep the channel up after the script ends?

Any help would be appreciated.



The MeetMe is deprecated in Asterisk 1.8. Try to use ConfBridge.