Media cache disk usage

How much disk space will the media cache use for audio files that are cached from HTTP playback requests?

Is there any way to control the amount of disk space used?

Or a way to define max age of cached files before they are removed?

There is currently no configuration for the media cache to control such aspects of it. It has no limit on disk consumption.

It drops the files in /tmp, so it will be up to your Linux system. If you do nuke the temp files out after some period of time using a cron job, the media cache layer should notice that the file is gone and re-fetch it from the remote source.

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How to delete media cache correctly?
We try to delete files and then restart the service, but the service does not restart and then starts to crash every 3 minutes.
Then we manage to restart the service, but the media cache is not deleted.
version 18.6.0