Maximum amount of channels


I am testing an embedded Asterisk with different codecs and multiple calls.
A codec like gsm will give me 100% CPU soon and the system will hang. I like that.
However when I use a low compression codec like ulaw or even slinear, the CPU load will stay around 30% for 40 connections, but some calls get thrown away.

The console gives me messages like “maximum retries exceeded…” and “no reply to our critical packet”.

Why does this happen even though my CPU is 70% idle?

(I think it’s not a bandwidth issue because I have about 900kbyte/s)

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final try…


Dont just look at the CPU look at the load as well.

embedded hardware does struggle with transcoding, what does show translation have to say on the transcoding times


Hi Ian,

What do you mean exactly by “looking at the load”?

The translation time from ulaw to slin and vice versa is 1 millisecond for 1 second of data. But using slin connections, which dont require transcoding , I get the same thing (with a few more connections).