Manager 'Originate' action: Can it redial?

When auto-dialing using .call file you have option to include (retry) if the number is busy or out of reach, is there any similar command when using Manager interface (Action: originate) ? what happen to the call if the number was busy or not reachable?

Any one?

since you can get fairly acurate call status returned, I would just have your application handle weather to call back or not.

That what I thought , but I was looking for an easier method,
Thank you ,

I pass the phone number (or database key) along with the originate command. In my dial plan at the hangup extension, I use NoOp to pass notice that my phone number has hung up. You pick this up as an exten event. Depending on your call result, you can then create a new command to originiate another call to the same number.