Malformed SIP Header crashing Asterisk - Opinion needed

redacted due to limitations in this forums software. My apologies.


That doesn’t sound good at all.

I’ve captured the contents of your posting internally here, but I’ve had to delete its content due to limitations in this forums software. This forums software does not allow me to obscure posts from public view. And, when we deal with something of this nature, it’s best to be cautious.

I’d encourage you to first see if the issue can be duplicated on the current version of 1.8 (, as is quite old (2nd January 2013). If it can, or even if you’re unable to attempt that version, then we’ve outlined a set of steps for reporting a security vulnerability here: … rabilities

Thank you very much.

Well thanks Malcolm, that already helps more than you might think.
We will follow the procedure outlined by you!
Thx again - Best,