Make a simple ari call in php

Hi everyone
i have been trying to make a simple call in asterisk ari with phpari client library but i could not make even one simple call.
what is required to originate a simple call with phpari or asterisk ari api itself ?
as matter of fact , i have conceptual problem . i dont know how it works exactly.
so i need 2 things here.
1. concepts
2. examples
i’d be happy to hear from you …
thank you in advance for your answers.

If is just simple originate a call from PHP , why dont you use PHP and AMI originate action,

I will give it a try sir. thank you …
but is it possible to implement it in ari ? i need to call ari api .

originate: POST /channels
Create a new channel (originate). The new channel is created immediately and a snapshot of it returned. If a Stasis application is provided it will be automatically subscribed to the originated channel for further events and updates.