Loud background noise talking with SIP 3cx phones


I have two 3CX Phones on two Window XP machines, one is Phone801, and the other is Phone806.
When 801 called 806, 806 answered, they are connected without any problem.
But there was a loud, unacceptable background noise.


– Called SIP/Phone806
– SIP/Phone806-00000100 is ringing
– SIP/Phone806-00000100 answered SIP/Phone801-000000ff
– Remotely bridging SIP/Phone801-000000ff and SIP/Phone806-00000100
== Spawn extension (users, 806, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/Phone801-000000ff’

Phone801 is on Laptop with mic and speaker.
Phone806 is on desktop with headset.

I tried to adjust speaker/mic volume, but did not help.

How to remove the background loud noise?
Is this a 3CX phone problem?

Thanks for help in advance.


It’s a 3CX phone problem, as Asterisk has established an external bridge, which means that the audio is going directly between the two phones.

If you are using standard Laptop’s mic, it’s probably him making all that noise, collecting all the noise from the room, cause it;s very sensitive. Try using headset on Laptop too.