Looking for positive Asterisk references


We’d like to speak to other companies in a similar use case as ours and who have had positive experience with the Asterisk system. We have an outbound Telesales force, inbound Support traffic (including an ACD).

We are also looking for someone that can address the ongoing support experience for an Asterisk based system if it’s a fit. We are in Massachusetts.

Thanks in advance

Craig Brenner
Beehive security Management

I would suggest you contact Matt at the AstGuiCLient project.
He used to be pretty active on the forums but hasn’t been around lately.

He wrote the software for a call center and now maintains it. He has done MANY installations and would be a good reference for you.

I dont run a call center but we do use it for our phone system, totally installed and maintained by myself. I am in Auburn, MA if you ever have any non-call center questions.