Long recordings are largely silent

I record all incoming calls and all works fine except…

If the call is a longer call (e.g. over 10 minutes), the resulting recording duration is accurate… but only the start of the call and the end of the call are recorded. Typically I will get the first approx 10-20 seconds and the last 10-20 seconds. The middle part of the call is completely silent. The recording stops abruptly and starts abruptly.

The call goes to a custom destination with automated voice prompts only. It never gets passed anywhere.

I have a series of 49 recordings which play in turn in response to the caller voice prompts. The caller experience is unaffected (I have called to test) - it’s just the recording which has the fault.

In case it is importatn… The destination plays the voice prompts (1-49) and then returns to Voice Prompt 1. At the point when the call loops back to voice prompt 1, the recording of audio invariably and immediately starts to record again.

I’ve REALLY searched and searched on this but can’t anyone experiencing similar symptoms.

Thanks for any time anyone can give this.

Wich version of Asterisk are you using?

I’m on FreePBX

I’ve seen this on both a virtual machine running CentOS… and now on a Raspberry Pi 4 (2 GB RAM). Both are a little resource constrained but thought they would have enough for a PBX with a couple of lines.

I have solved this.

I added an ‘a’ at the end of the mixmonitor line in the extensions_custom.conf so it reads:

The sound doesn’t reset now when it loops back. Instead it Appends. All now perfect


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