Log file report tool

Is there a Free log file tool that I can install on my server to manipulate information shown in a report? I want to be able to filter out parts of the log so it is easier to see what is going on. Or is it in the DB so I can run a query on it?


You should start by defining what log are you talking about. Linux has hundreds of logs for the services.

Good Point! I am interested in the Asterisk log file. I would like to be able to filter it in various ways to make troubleshooting easier. By Date, Device, IP, status, etc… Is there anything out there?


As far I know, no. There is no tool but asterisk logs are divided in various logs, like messages, full, security, dtmf etc. You can parse that without problems.

OK well I guess that tells me that I need to do something on my own. Thanks