Local Channel callid Problem

Hi David,

Is there any variable to get the callid in local channel. I have used SIPCALLID and also SIP_HEADER to get the call id in sip channel but in local channel i’m not able to get the callid.


For any channel, including SIP ${CALLERID(num)}. You should not be adding SIP headers for caller ID except in exceptional cases.


i’m saying about callid not the callerid its a SIPCALLID value.


Callid is meaningless for anything but SIP.


In asterisk when i make a call i’m able to get the SIPCALLID but if i forward the call which is handled by Local Channel i won’t get the SIPCALLID . how to get the Call-ID of the call in Local channel.

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Depending on your exact dialplan you my be able to use a combination of ${BRIDGEPEER}, manipulation of the local channel channel name, and ${IMPORT(…,…)} to read the values from the SIP channel. There is no EXPORT.

It is also possible that the local channel will have optimised out, in which case you will be running on the original channel.

Note that callid is opaque data used for the protocol. Normal users should not be looking at it.