Loading Zaptel modules

Hi all,

I was reading O’Reilly’s book in the chapter “installing Asterisk” and I found that to use music on hold or conferencing I have to use ztdummy (I have no PCI hardware). Now I’ve compiled zaptel with the inclusion of ztdummy and verified it using lsmod. After that they tell that I have to “load” the zaptel and ztdummy modules by using modprobe and I was waiting that this modules will be active if I reboot.
I don’t know exactly what to expect after loading the modules. Is is necessary?
Could some body tell me what’s the procedure?


In Linux kernel modules like the Zaptel module can be loaded into the kernel using ‘modprobe’ and removed from the kernel using ‘rmmod’. To make the functionality of ztdummy available you have to load it into your kernel.

I usually run the following commands to accomplish this.

modprobe zaptel
modprobe ztdummy

After you run these commands you can check the status of them by looking at your /var/log/messages file. This will tell you if the module was loaded successfully or if it failed and why it failed.

Additionally running ‘lsmod’ at this point should list all of the loaded kernel modules. You should see ‘zaptel’ and ‘ztdummy’ in this list.

If you want to remove the modules you can type

rmmod ztdummy
rmmod zaptel

Lastly when you restart your computer these modules will not be loaded automatically. You must reload them every time you restart. There may be a way to have them automatically loaded, but it escapes me at the moment.