LIVE Asterisk User Community Friday Conference/Podcast

Beginning Friday March 30th and each Friday at 12:30 PM EDT (11:30 Central, 9:30AM PDT, 18:30 Central Europe) a free public asterisk user discussion will be held on For information on how to join, see

The discussion is open to anyone with an interest in asterisk. You can phone in using PSTN or SIP or just listen to the stream. The streams will be recorded and made available as a series of podcast mp3 files as well. There is also an optional downloadable text chat/stream player available at Talkshoe.

You can talk about anything related to asterisk and its use. Ask questions, give answers, share your tips and tricks. We’ll talk about providers and hardware for use with asterisk, how to best get help for specific problems, etc.

Hope to hear you there!

If you missed last week’s conference with Mark Spencer, you can listen to it here on this page. In fact, you have all the conferences available there including shorter excerpts if you only want to download a part of the discussion.

Next time, be there!