Linux Rookie Question: Asterisk on Red Hat 4

We are getting ready to setup Asterisk on our new Linux Server… We bought Red Hat ES 4 and are SLOWLY figuring out how to get it to work… we are very new to Linux so its a bit painful…

Anyway, can someone please clarify for me if Asterisk will compile and run properly on a RH4 box? Everywhere I look it seems everything is still focused on RH3… I’m starting to think I bought the wrong version.

Can anyone help me understand the signficance RH4 has in getting Asterisk to work?


I am unsure about the production readiness of RHEL 4 with Asterisk. RHEL3 has been tested MUCH more in a production environment so if anything it is still a ? mark in most peoples minds (well mine anyways).

You should not have much problem getting it installed and running though. Check the Asterisk WiKi board which addresses a couple things you have to do differently when using Linux 2.6 if you have Zaptel cards. … stallation

I know it installs and works because I have done it. I have not tested it extensively though.

Please let us know how it works for you.

Thanks mustardman. For the time being, I’m planning a purely VoIP box so hopefully I won’t need to worry about Zaptel Cards. :smile:

I know this is not a Linux board per se, but if you or anyone else could explain to me what the diff is between RH3 and RH4 that makes drivers and other programs be version specific I’d appreciate it!

RHEL3 uses Linux 2.4 Kernel. RHEL4 uses 2.6 Kernel. It’s probably best to do a search on the differences btw those two kernels as opposed to RH specific stuff.

From my reading, 2.6 has expanded in 2 directions. More enterprise features such as better support for multi processors, hyperthreading etc but also more support for embedded processors for small dedicated applications.

If you Google “compare linux 2.4 2.6” you will get a ton of good links.