LinkSys SPA-941 Support

Does anyone know how to do the following with a LinkSys SPA-941

  1. program the addition line keys as extensions so the receptionist can tell if an extension is in use.

  2. program the addition line keys as ‘LINE APPERANCES’ so the receptionist can tell if a certain line is in use.

  3. hands free intercom calling

I’m told you can do all these functions with the Snom phones.
I spoke with Linksys/Supra/Cisco last week and they have not released the user guide for the 941 yet, its still in draft. Thats makes alot of sense.

To my knowledge you can only do 1 and 2 if your system supports SIP2, which the Cisco SPA-941 does, but Asterisk does not.

For the answer to question 3, click here:

Dumb ? but where is this located? SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:=;answer-after=0)

I dont see it in the web interface for the phone, is it in Asterisk?


That’s a command you would put into the extensions.conf file of your Asterisk box.

So, it might go like this:

exten => 123,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:=;answer-after=0)
exten => 123,2,Dial(SIP/123)

Putting the SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:=;answer-after=0) command before the dial command adds the Call-Info change to the SIP header used to call the SIP extension.