Limitation in Asterisk ARA With PostgreSQL

I’m using postgresql for ARA with asterisk but I have a serious problem with this combination
(postgresql & asterisk) in contrast with another possible combination (MySql & asterisk).
In combination (MySql & asterisk) there are some useful and important fields defined in
respective database table sipfriends but these fields are absent in respective postgresql table sip_conf definition.

Now my questions :

1.What is the reason of this absence ?
2.How can I to have functionality of those absent fields in postgresql ?
3.Can I manually add absent fields to sip_conf table in postgresql and does asterisk use them ?

below is the list of absent fields

auth varchar(10)
subscribemwi varchar(10) – yes/no
vmexten varchar(20)
cid_number varchar(40)
callingpres varchar(20)
usereqphone varchar(10)
incominglimit varchar(10)
subscribecontext varchar(40)
musicclass varchar(20)
mohsuggest varchar(20)
allowtransfer varchar(20)
autoframing varchar(10) – yes/no
maxcallbitrate varchar(15)
outboundproxy varchar(40)
fullcontact varchar(40)
regserver varchar(20)
rtpkeepalive varchar(15)
setvar varchar(200)