Libpri 1.2.2 does not work as expected with EuroISDN

I have a EuroISDN line and libpri 1.2.2 is sending out a wrong signal.

When any number is dialed an extra “0 Zero” is sent out causing the number to be dialed to fail with the Carrier.

So if i dial 0208 XXX XXXX
it is sending 00208 XXX XXXX

if i dial 208 XXX XXXX
it is sending 0208 XXX XXXX and I can connect the call, but this is incorrect, and I should not have to omit the first Zero on numbers dialed out.

for example if i dial 999
it is sending 0999, and i get a number error from the carrier.

I am using Zaptel-1.2.3

the output from pri debug is: