LDAP for the Asterisk

How to configure LDAP in the Asterisk?
How to modify extension.conf?
Please help me if you know any!
Thanks in advance!

you might try the book asterisk: The future of telephony. See the sticky at the top of this forum.

for extensions.conf:


exten => extension,priority,Application(arguments)

context is a group of numbers you can dial. Everybody is ‘in’ a context. careless use of contexts can result in unauthorized access to billable services! (IE if you put an incoming line into a context that can dial out)

extension is something you can dial. It can be a number like 1234 or a pattern like _1NXXNXXXXXX (that matches any 11 digit phone number)

priority is what order things happen in. Priority 1 happens before priority 2.

Application is what happens. Answer() answers, Background() plays a file but listens for input, Dial() sends the call somewhere, Goto() sends the call somewhere else in extensions.conf

Arguments are what is passed to the application. Background() would want the name of a file to play (ie welcome would play welcome.gsm). Dial() would want a destination with flags, ie Dial(SIP/1234,20,r) dials SIP/1234, tries it for 20 seconds before giving up, and r forces playing ringing to the caller no matter what (use with care).

You can find more info at the * CLI with ‘show applications’ or ‘show application appname’

Thanks very much!