Language By Extension

Imagine the scenario:

  • a guest is french, phone instructions must be in french
  • a guest is spanish, phone instructions must be in spanish

So, i edited the file sip_additional.conf and for example to extension 1111 i set language to fr and to extension 2222 i set language to es.

After reload asterisk, it works. But if an apply on GUI is performed, it will rebuild sip_additional.conf file and will lost my language configurations.

Any idea?

Best Regards, Ricardo

Ask the people who wrote the GUI!

For FreePBX, the peer support is provided at I’m not aware of any other currently supported GUI.

Use sip_custom.conf, Future questions use FreePBX Forum

If you are using FreePBX there is a language option at the extensions page. Set your language for each extension and press submit and apply.