Kubernetes: Asterisk IVR

I have a basic call working in kubernetes. But I am facing some problems with IVR. Playback() after the Read() is not working properly.

I am using Read(variable,file1&file2&file3,1,5) to read single digit. Depending on the digit value I have some other Playback(). I could hear audio for the first time. But all the following Playback()s are garbled.

Even if I have two successive Read(variable,file1&file2&file3,1,5) statements, only the first time playback is proper, second one is garbled.

I have tried changing resource limits in kubernetes and I even used a dedicated instance to ruleout any timing issues, but couldn’t succeed.

I have the same configuration working in standalone instance which is not using kubernetes/docker.

UPDATE 05-03-2019
I forgot to mention that I used res_pjsip for the above mentioned case. But when I used chan_sip, it was working fine. I didn’t debug that further. Any further info on this is helpful.

Does the console show the data that playback is doing. I would think the variable would have to be in ${variable} not variable.

Asterisk variables used in L-Value contexts (e.g. being set) never have ${}