KeyPress options are not saved in IVR (GUI 2.0r4723)

I created an IVR with the following actions.
. Ringing
. Wait (2)
. Background(selectlanguage) and Listen for Keypress Events

Allow Keypress is on.

  1. Dial 6000
  2. Dial 6001
    i. Goto IVR again

Now when I select 1 during playback of the soundfile my connection is closed and the error in CLI is:
pbx.c:3827 __ast_pbx_run: Invalid extension ‘1’, but no rule ‘i’ in context ‘voicemenu-custom-1’

Checking extensions.conf I see:
exten = s,1,NoOp(Achterin)
exten = s,2,Ringing()
exten = s,3,Wait(2)
exten = s,4,Background(taalkeuze)

So indeed, no actions defined. Is it I’m doing something wrong? Or is it the GUI…