Just plugged in switch - internet now slow and patchy?

Hi all,

So I have purchased all the items needed to set up my Cisco system via Asterisk. Bits and pieces are being shipped to me. Today I recieved my 8 port 10/100 switch. Decided I would set it up ready to just plug the phones and the server in when they arrive. I plugged the network connection from the wall (which runs to the router) into the switch, and plugged the computer (it’s an iMac if that helps) into the switch, both ports beside each other on the switch. Now I am finding that the internet connection works, but it is very slow if it does work, but then also patchy and not loading pages.

If it also helps, one of the network cables I have used is the retractable type (about 5 ft long). I bought a few of these to use due to the fact that I will be in the testing stages for a while before putting the phones where they actually need to go, so I thought it easier, though I imagine the connection quality from these is bad?

I’m typing this from the Windows PC in the other room at the moment (hooked directly to the router, and internet connection is fine. Can anyone suggest what the problem is and how I fix it? Can’t have slow and patchy internet or slow and patchy phones coming off this switch!


Umm… and what is your “Asterisk Support” related question :open_mouth: :unamused:

maybe an IP conflict? Bad switch? Undo whatever you changed to see if it is the issue; in other-words I imagine you have another switch you just swapped out…trying going back.

Make sure you are not having a broadcast storm (a loop somewhere in the cabling).