IVR -> Entenring extension problem


I try to create an (testing) IVR.
Here is my dialplan :

Exten => 30,1,answer()
exten => 30,2,ringing(2)
Exten => 30,3,background(priv-callpending)
Exten => 30,n,wait(4)
Exten => 30,n,congestion
Exten => 1,1,playback(digits/1)
Exten => 120,1,dial(SIP/120,20,r)
Exten => 121,1,dial(SIP/121,20,rt)
Exten => 122,1,dial(SIP/122,20,rt)
Exten => 7803,1,goto(confcall,7803,1)

If I dial my extension DURING the message ‘priv-callpending’ it will considere my extension and will execute it.
NOW, if I enter my ext, AFTER my message, it doesn’t do anything :cry:

The best would be to repeat my message 3 times, and then exit. with the possibility to enter AT ANY TIME the extension

What did I miss out ?

Thanks for your help


“Wait” is just a pause, it does not read extension. What you need is WaitExten.