IVR action after hangup

I am creating a IVR menu
when the user is finished in the menu it mail a logfile of the action the user take in the menu

but when the user hangup before the menu is finished it does nothing

is there a option to take some actions after the user hangup?

use DeadAgi
You can read about it from here voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+cmd+DeadAGI

Deadagi doesn’t exist any longer. I believe you should have to make sure you don’t react to SIGHUP.

However the correct answer here is to use the h extension. You may or may not then need to use AGI.

so if i get it right

instead of option 1 option2 …
i also need to creat a option h and it will take this option when the user disconnect?

When the A side hangs up, or when the B side hangs up and no Dial, etc., options have been set to request the dialplan will continue, Asterisk will do an effective Goto(h,1) application call and will continue, ignoring that the A party is hung up or subsequently hangs up, except if you try to do something that requires a media connection.

h is a pseudo extension, not an option.

thanks for the support :smile:

I have a fairly complex DeadAGI Perl script under 1.6 that does a lot of post-processing;

From you experience, when migrating to 1.8, is it enough to use the Agi + $SIG{HUP} = “IGNORE” combination?

The requirement is that I can’t go back to dialplan to finich up work; I expect the script to finish with all actions.

Thank you