Issue with Realtime PJSIP


I am using Asterisk 15.5 in centos 7. I have implemented Realtime PJSIP a few days back. After implementing the Database, I have observed that sometimes the Asterisk stops responding to new requests.
This means that the Asterisk service is still running but unable to accept any new request. I have checked the ODBC connection at that time but the connection was successfully established and I was able to see contacts and aors in Asterisk CLI.
After I restart the Asterisk service, it comes to the normal stage again.

I want to know, is it a common issue with Realtime PJSIP or any configuration is missing and how can I resolve this issue.

Note - For 3-4 Days Asterisk works without any issue but after 3-4 days, I again get this issue.

Please help me out with this.

The version of Asterisk you are using is unsupported, something may have been fixed since then. I can say that I am aware of a lot of running Asterisk instances on 16 using realtime with no issues. That being said by using realtime you tightly couple realtime to the database, so if the underlying database driver or server has some kind of bug/issue that can and will impact Asterisk.

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