Issue with

Dear all,

i have configured a new PBX with 250 extensions and i have enabled Dundi (integrated with the other 25 Asterisk PBX that we have worldwide).
I have experienced lot of delay issues in the calls, just to do a test from the CLI i did: module unload
Everything started to works very fast.

I enabled again Dundi and the problem appeared again.

Anyone has experienced the same issue?


What is the response time like for each connection and are any unreachable?

Yes, i have some connections unreachable

Now, i have removed all unreachable hosts but same issue

Dear all,

just to inform you that i have done several tests, this is the result:

I have removed all hosts that have an high latency, now i have:

Everything started working properly, so it seems that Dundi has some issues when the peers are reachable with an high latency.
I have not understood why this “issue” can affect the SIP calls between internal number.

I have another question: how does order parameter in dundi.conf works?

Thanks and regards,