Issue with contact in pjsip

Hi All,

I am using asterisk 20.0.0. and Microsoft teams direct routing.

I have made a code change when compiling the software as MS-Teams requires mandatory FQDN in the from field and apparently in the contact field.
As of the change the contact field contains fqdn as host portion (which should be just fine as per RFC page 12).
The Teams integration works just fine and so the sip trunk with another asterisk on which i added manually in the hosts file the fqdn to ip translation.
The problem i have is that one of our carrier, apparently does not support fqdn in the contact field.
This cause that, on every call, when the asterisk is sending the 200 OK with the contact field populated with the fqdn, no ACK is responded, causing the call to be forcefully disconnected after 32 seconds.
Is there any function on the dialplan or any way to use the IP instead of the fqdn for a contact field on a specific PJSIP endpoint response?

I hope is clear.

No. There is not. It’s automatically controlled by res_pjsip.

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