ISDN PCI card supported ? (HFC-S & Winbond W6692CF)

I Just installed AsteriskNow on my old PC.

I want to connect it to my ISDN line.

I have one ASUSTeK (HFC-S chipset) and one US Robotics (Winbond-W6692CF chipset)

Are these cards already supported and usable (for example with dahdi) ?
Or I have to recompile the kernel …
Or I need to install the modules …
Or … ?

Thank You

As far as I know DAHDI supports only official Digium hardware. Some chinese copys of Digium hardware might also work, but I always try to convince such users to buy original Digium hardware. You get Asterisk for free, so it’s only fair to support the main contributor with buying their hardware.

Alternatively to a PCI card you can also try to buy an ISDN-VoIP gateway.