Is this a brace I see before me?

[size=150]exten => ${EXTERNAL-VT-1-NUM},n,Set(BLACKLISTED=${DB(vt-1-blist/${CALLERID(num)})})
I have stared at this for, well minutes, but I cannot see a missing ‘}’. However when I reload the dialplan, I am told:

[quote][size=150][2011-03-12 04:06:21] WARNING[8608]: pbx.c:3489
pbx_substitute_variables_helper_full: Error in extension logic (missing ‘}’)[/size][/quote]

The line works. Any thoughts? (Asterisk <=


Check the order of your parentheses and braces at the end. Are they in the right sequence?

I think your missing a curly normal brace??
exten => ${EXTERNAL-VT-1-NUM},n,Set[size=150]([/size]BLACKLISTED=${DB(vt-1-blist/${CALLERID(num)})}

should be?
exten => ${EXTERNAL-VT-1-NUM},n,Set(BLACKLISTED=${DB(vt-1-blist/${CALLERID(num)})})

[quote]should be?
exten => ${EXTERNAL-VT-1-NUM},n,Set(BLACKLISTED=${DB(vt-1-blist/${CALLERID(num)})})[/quote]

I think I have exactly that (although my eyes aren’t what they used to be :frowning: )

The one you posted ends in a } not an ), i think you need to add an extra ) at the end

No, it ends in a “)”:

I think so…