Is there a way to make transparent call using Asterisk via FXO gateway without a dialing a FXO's number?

I have Asterisk and I have some kind of FXO’devices (from analog to digital signal) called MX8A and HX4E. In order to initial call I dial FXO’s number, after SIP’s number.

And it’s not convenient, unforch.

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You filed this an hour ago, the community forum has no guarantee on response time and bumping so quickly is considered rude.

You also have not provided enough detail about what you want and the scenario.

Okay. Sorry for impudent bump and runglish below.

I would like to start by saying that I bad asterisk’s admin.

I have a scheme like this. It’s a local сhina office where there is only analog communication instead digital). So, in order to call from this office for a start need dial a number of special FXO gateway like this. Further, wait a little time and after tone dial SIP’s number also.

I would like to set up Asterisk for automatically addition of the FXO’s numbers in order to just dial only endpoint SIP without intermediate FXO. i would like to know whether it is possible, Yes or No.

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