Is there a reasonably priced VoIP/DECT system that doesn't suck?

I made the mistake of purchasing a Gigaset C530 IP (plus 3 additional handsets) to replace an aging analog DECT phone. $250 later, I’ve come to the conclusion that this thing is utter garbage.

So … is there a VoIP/DECT system out there that comes at a reasonable cost and supports these features:

  • Off-hook dialing - I.e. the off-hook button on a handset and have it immediately connect to Asterisk (where I’ve implemented a dialing “decision tree” with the DISA application)
  • Message waiting indicator that works with Asterisk voicemail (as far as I can tell the C530 IP simply doesn’t have a MWI, even though its documentation claims that it does)
  • Backlit buttons
  • Speakerphone function
  • No/configurable “busy tone” when the other party terminates a call
  • Decent physical feel (something that doesn’t feel cheap/small)

Honestly, I wouldn’t think that it would be difficult to find a reasonably priced VoIP/DECT system that has these features, but I’ve always been naïve.

No one?

Is there really no DECT IP phone that has the features of a $40 analog DECT phone?

Have you looked at the Panasonic KX-TGP500/600?

They have some of the features you are asking for:


Backlit buttons

Good hardware feel

Working MWI

Will check it out. Thanks!