Is it possible to listen?


I am seeking information on whether or not it is possible for someone to setup a Asterisk server and remotely listen in on a IP phone in someones office? I have a feeling that someone is secretly listening in on meetings and I just wanted to know if this is possible.

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It is possilble, but Asterisk admin has to set that up.

One of the possible methods:

Thank you for the response. I see that one can listen in on a current call that is being placed. However, let me clarify my original question.
I was currently in a meeting with a business partner. We were physically sitting in his office going over details of our business plans. A 3rd party who is also responsible for the installing the phone system, came to the meeting late. This person made mention of topics and details that were mentioned before he arrived. Is it possible for this person to have a mechanism in place to activate the speaker phone option and listen in on a conversation within the office.? I believe he was sitting in his office accross town and somehow listened in via the speaker phone.

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Yes, it’s possible to create calls to phones that are answered automatically in speakerphone mode.

The phone should have had some lights on it though, to indicate a call / line was in use.


Thank you very much for the response. Now I know that this person was listening in on our private converstaion. He knew too much about the conversation and he was not even physically present!

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Remember, I AM NOT A LAWYER. I can’t confirm that happened, and I’m not an expert. I’m a guy on a messageboard. :smiley: