Is it possible to get other party's IP by Asterisk

After session set up, instead of caller -*-callee, make caller–callee. In this case, caller and callee needs the other party’s IP. Is it possible? Thx!

SIP re-inviting takes care of this. have you tried configuring this ?

How? Just set canreinvite=no in sip.conf? I tried that. But I don’t know where the other party’s IP address located. In Connection Information©, it shows the IP of *, not the other party’s IP. How and where can I get it? Thx!

if you want Asterisk to step out of the media path, then you need canreinvite=yes

once you get the IP address … what are you going to do with it ?

I can send a text message to the other party. Such as when caller punches number 6 and # on the phone pad, then callee knows it’s option 6. Can * do that? If * does that, it will be great?

I still don’t know how to get the other party’s IP by *. If I know how to get it, then I can send the text message --“6” directly. If * knows the way to forward, it’s wonderful.