Is it possible just to recompile just a single file?

I am a trixbox user but as such had to move to Asterisk when I started to use them as a provider. The reason I moved was because the provider was sending a registration refresh of 0 this mean after about 60 seconds Iw ould lose the registration with the provider and they would think I was off line.
Becuase the provider only supported there softphone I had to make a custom change to chan_iax2.c

iaxs[f->callno]->reg->refresh = 0;
iaxs[f->callno]->reg->refresh = IAX_DEFAULT_REG_EXPIRE;

This means that now I will send a registration refresh every 60 seconds.

My Question

Is it possible just to compile chan_iax2.c by its self so that other trixbox users will be able to use this provider ?

Make will look for modified files and compile only them. If you have already compiled the source in this dir and changed only the chan_iax2.c it will only recompile chan_iax2.c and anything related.

Hi SGM as you can tell I dont know a hugh amout about compiling under linux so forgive me if my question is stupid. What I just wanted to do is just compile chan_iax2.c. What i would want to do is just download the source and then just make /compile chan_iax2.c and create this could then be used under trixbox. I dont want to compile the full sorce code of Asterisk just the ISX2 channel. Would that be possible if I went through the source code and pull just the code for compiling chan_iax2.c ?

I doubt you can. chan_iax2.c most probably needs to have some information from the asterisk configuration. I’m not sure what distro is this trixbox based on, but you can get the source rpm / deb package, make a patch, put it in the package and recompile the package. This way you will have the exactly same asterisk but with patched chan_iax2.

Thanks for the udate SGM Trixbox I think is based on Asterisk 1.0.12/13 what i will do is pass on my findings to the Trixbox developers and see if my patch could be included in the next release as trixbox is only released as a compiled ISO and you do not get a copy of the full source code.

Thanks for your time and help