Interrupting a Dial application with ivr

Hello Guys,
I want to interrupt an executed dial application with an IVR. That is:

  1. A dials B,s extension
  2. B answers the call and speaks with A
  3. At some time during the communication, B is put on hold and an IVR is played to A

I have searched the internet and can’t seem to find an help. Someone please help me. It’s getting frustrating now

Not quite sure about your request but I think you could use ChannelRedirect to redirects a channels to a dialplan target

Thanks ambiorixg12 for the reply. What I meant was that when B is put on hold and an IVR is played to A, the “Read” application is used, so A can press “1” to speak with another extension. But I don’t know how to make the IVR interrupt the call at a particular time for that.