Interpreting cdr

Hi can anyone interpret the follow cdr record…?? the top record alwasy comes before the bottom one and my phone company changes me for the bottom record. the format are as follow:


“”,“99205011”,“04”,“sip”,“99205011”,“SIP/05-4b3a”,“SIP/04-9ccd”,“Dial”,“SIP/04|20”,“2005-10-14 13:21:40”,“2005-10-14 13:21:49”,“2005-10-14 13:32:29”,649,640,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

“”,“99205011”,“04”,“sip”,“99205011”,“SIP/05-98ee”,“CAPI[contr2/0893330000]/3344”,“Dial”,“CAPI/0893330000:b99205011”,“2005-10-14 13:18:26”,“2005-10-14 13:18:29”,“2005-10-14 13:32:29”,843,840,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

My company was billed for calling out to 99205011 and there are about 15 other records with the same format. but from the cdr record 99205011 is source and not destination.

Did 99205011 called in and someone in the company divert it back or something similiar…?? Can someone PLS ADVICE!!!.. :cry:

Post back your dialplan related to the extension/call.

Hi, i do not have access to the dialplan… i was only given the cdr so as to insert it into a database and extract internal office billing infomation. but as far as i know… everything is set as default. is it not possible to tell the activity or behaviour of the caller receiver based on the cdr alone…??

Thanks for your time…:smiley:

I cannot help you much without the dialplan. A shot in the dark… it looks like the related extension dials 2 channels (a voip phone and possibly a pstn line). when it is called.