Integration with microsoft teams ring groups

Hi guys.

Here is the set up we have for a client. On Free PBX I have a number that is set to a ring group this ring group then calls all the numbers configured within it ( As they use teams they are external numbers ). this works fine no issue calls connect without a problem. The problem lies with voicemail When the call is presented, if a user is out of the office or set to DND and it goes to voicemail they are finding that voicemail is answering the call. To get around this… Or so I thought… was to enable ‘confirm calls’ so that users would need to manually accept the call. What now seems to be happening is that users are getting voicemails with the automated message asking them to press 1 followed by the message someone else has picked up the call… without presence information how can this be resolved?

These all sound like abstractions created by the FreePBX dialplans,. Peer support for FreePBX and be found at

the idea with confirmation is to confirm and prevent that far end vm invocation from taking over the call … its doing just that

there is no way to prevent the behavior , the system is doing what its supposed to

as the prior responder stated , you can take it to the freepbx forum if you need to dig further

What happens if they don’t use it eg. standard SIP desk phones ?

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