Integration of AGI and its Working in Asterisk

I am very novice in asterisk telephony word and trying to learn how asterisk can be used in a professional way for delivering it to the customers.While searching it on google it got to know that Asterisk Gateway Interface is the way we can follow and proceed to write dialplans and do necessary changes.Also i got to know that Astive Toolkit(ATK) is a java based Tool by which i can step ahead.I have downloaded the ATK toolkit but i dont know how to install it and use it with the asterisk server.

So my question is how to install ATK and use it with Asterisk?

Also what else can i do by using AGI.

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Contact the authors of ATK.!forum/astive-toolkit NB you do not need to use AGI for many applications.

Read to understand AGI.